Using a Citizen-Led

Citizens ConnectNG is a platform for Citizens to easily access information, engage , contribute in public initiatives, and advocate for effective public service delivery.

Civic Tools

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Citizen Advice

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and How to Access Benefits Avaliable to you as a Citizen.

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Who We Are

The Citizens Connect and Advice Centre is a non-profit that promotes citizens engagement and provides information to Citizens on a broad range of public service, social and civil rights issues to improve democratic accountability and Citizens participation in the decision-making process.

What We Do

We foster accountability and transparency in public service, using a hybrid approach involving civic innovation tools, web technology, and social media for information sharing, facilitating citizens discussion forums and offline meetings with Government representatives to develop policies and concrete actions that improve the lives of Citizens.


To empower citizens with information and tools to participate in the Governance process and advocate for policies that improve peoples lives.


 To build a Nation of informed and active citizens that hold the Government to account for our common good.



Our Programs

Citizens Engagement:

Improve citizens' participation in public decision-making through community forums and townhall meeting between Citizens and Government representatives.

Civic Innovation:

Employ the use of civic technology to improve public service delivery, combat corrupt practices, demand accountability and promote democratic Governance.

Civic Data mining:

Leveraging open data for policy making and providing access to information for an Informed Citizenry

Social Media for Good Governance:

building online communities of active citizens, using social media platforms for Civic awareness, Electoral Education and conveying feedback to Government departments.